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ProJobs - UX/UI and Website Development


Client: Navana Group

Duration: 10 months

What we did:

• UX/UI Design
• Website Development
• AI Integration
• ATS Integration

The Navana Group, a leading conglomerate with a vision for innovation, embarked on a transformative journey to reshape the world of recruitment. Their mission? To create a groundbreaking job hunting platform, ProJobs. Over 10 months, Aliio Inc. collaborated with Navana Group to provide comprehensive services encompassing UX/UI design, website development, AI integration, and ATS integration. Together, we tackled the following challenges and achieved remarkable results.


Enhancing User Experience:

ProJobs needed a user-friendly platform for both job seekers and employers.

AI Integration:

The client aspired to incorporate AI capabilities for efficient candidate-job matching.

ATS Integration:

– Challenge: Seamless integration with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) was essential to streamline the hiring process.

Reducing Hiring Costs:

– Challenge: The primary goal was to significantly reduce hiring costs, saving valuable time and resources.


UX/UI Design


We conducted extensive user research to understand user needs and pain points.


We designed an intuitive UI and a responsive platform for seamless experiences across devices.

Website Development


We developed a robust website architecture using the latest web technologies.


Integration of AI algorithms for efficient candidate-job matching and seamless ATS integration streamlined hiring operations.

Achievements & Results

Hiring Cost Reduction

ProJobs achieved a significant 46% reduction in hiring costs, optimizing the recruitment process.

AI-Driven Matching

AI-powered candidate-job matching led to a substantial increase in successful placements.

Streamlined Operations

Integration with ATS systems streamlined hiring operations, saving time and resources for employers.

Enhanced User Experience

The user-friendly platform resulted in a remarkable increase in user engagement and satisfaction.

Expanding Reach

Integration with ATS systems streamlined hiring operations, saving time and resources for employers.

Client Testimonials

Aliio Inc. exceeded our expectations in developing ProJobs. Their expertise in UX/UI design and AI integration transformed the way we recruit talent. The reduction in hiring costs has been a game-changer for us.

— Anna Wong, HR Director, Navana Group

ProJobs has made our hiring process incredibly efficient. The AI-powered matching and seamless integration with our ATS have saved us valuable time and resources. Thanks to Aliio Inc. for their outstanding work!

— Abhi Mathew,  CEO, Navana Group

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